Johnny Depp regrets falling in love with Amber Heard

March 29, 2019 entertainment 373

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Hollywood star Johnny Depp is stuck in a myriad of problems after he was accused by his wife Amber Heard of domestic violence and had his high reputation crashing down because of it.

As per the latest buzz, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor who has filed a defamation suit against Heard and has provided evidence of him being the actual victim of domestic abuse, is said to be regretting falling in love with her.

A report by HollywoodLife cites a source saying:

“Johnny feels completely used by Amber and he regrets ever falling in love with her.”

“Johnny hopes his suit delivers redemption for him as he feels like he has never been in a relationship which has cost him so much in his career and personal life,” added the source.

They go on to say:

“Depp feels that Amber is totally out of line with every allegation she has ever made about him.”

Johnny feels desperate to repair his image. He is hoping this case will clear his name so that his fans and the studios will know that he is not the monster that Amber portrays him to be,” they added. 

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